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Posted by Zip-Zap-Official - July 21st, 2019

Hello everyone!

In the next few days or so, I will be ready to release my next single, "Hello Darling".

It was originally meant to be an entire concept album but I've decided to make it a single song. It's meant to be about a long distance relationship spanning across an entire galaxy.

My friend Cody James is helping me with the vocals again, he previously did some for CALLING ALL UNITS, and I believe he will do a stellar job with the vocals of this single :)

Here's the album art with my new Johan Wendell logo (credits to WikiImages on Pixabay for the background art)!



Posted by Zip-Zap-Official - January 7th, 2019

Welcome, new people!!

I am Zip-Zap-Official, but I go by either Zip Zap! (including the exclamation point) or simply Johan.

I am a German musician specialising in EDM, drum 'n bass, and rock music.

I've been playing around with music since I was a little kid with a video game called LittleBigPlanet 2, but it was in 2013 that I decided that I wanted to produce music when I tried out FL Studio for the first time.

I would end up buying FL Studio in 2015, and it became my main DAW ever since. 

My best songs

Just to show you what kind of music I make, I'll show you some of my personal favourites from my portfolio. Check these out when you can!

Zsolt Marx - Fill Your Pages (Zip Zap! Remix) (2018)


This is actually a remix of a song made for a video game, "TrackMania Sunrise", which is what I grew up and fell in love with. So much so that I just had to remix my favourite song from there, "Fill Your Pages" by Zsolt Marx. It's a calmer EDM song that doesn't use too many synthesisers, relying heavily on bass and other low-sounding instruments and a robotified voice from yours truly :D

The Battle of Aragon (2016)


It's a mix between techno-like music and epic orchestral music often heard in movies and things of that nature. As it was designed for a video game, the song has no real "ending" and it was meant to loop back to the beginning, which is why the song seems to cut out at the end.

Horizons (2018)


My personal favourite from 2018, it's a long space-themed drumstep song. I was inspired mostly by another musician named Vangelis, who was making all sorts of space-themed music since the 1970's. 


johan wendell - YOU'RE MY HERO ft. Eleanor Forte (2018)



This was the first song that I did that was completely inspired by an anime, which is My Hero Academia. It was also the hardest song that I wrote and the longest to make, with over 24.5 hours spent on composing. I had to render the song ten times over because I was so dissatisfied of how it sounded from the beginning, and I did as many improvements as I could. It was mostly due to low-quality soundfonts used for the drums that I tried to make better by increasing the bitrate of the song, but I eventually resolved it by using a different soundfont for the crash cymbals (which were the greatest offenders). It features vocal synthesis of Eleanor Forte from a recently-released app called SynthesisV, which is very similar to Vocaloid. The vocals were also redone multiple times. Because that I rendered the vocals as I composed more of the song, multiple takes were made of the vocals sung at different sections of the song. I redid all nine takes because I wasn't satsified of the vocals' pitch, articulation-- I really wanted this song to be the best it could be, because it was pretty much a passion project, to end 2018 with a bang! I hope you enjoy the song as much as I did making it, despite the troubles I experienced.


This has been my official Newgrounds portfolio and I hope you enjoyed reading and listening to my personal favourites. I'm looking forward to meeting and befriending like artists, and possibly sharing my own ideas with them.

Stay electric~


Posted by Zip-Zap-Official - May 12th, 2016

i finally got out of that terrible art block!

i'll resume making regular music now~

it's good to be back <3


Posted by Zip-Zap-Official - February 28th, 2016

i'm having one of those art blocks, am i?

i just can't find any good melodies or beats to start off with

so until further notice, i'll be working on midi song covers of some video games

you may request one, and if i like it, i'll go ahead and cover it